Mel Sisco, P.A.

My name is Mel Sisco. I was born July 2 1972 in Elyria Ohio. I am the proud parent of three beautiful children Alexandrea, Wyatt, and Waylon Sisco. Yes, this proves that God does have a sense of humor because he allowed me to reproduce. Also, I am the youngest of five children who include 2 older brothers, Mike and Eugene and 2 older sisters Judy and Gina. My mother Jewell had the difficult task of raising us with little money. She did so without complaint and had the amazing ability to focus on what we had rather than what we didn’t have. This lovely woman who I have just spoken so fondly of did tell me a story about how she reacted when she found out that she was pregnant with her fifth child. Many would think that she responded with joy and happiness. Not my mom. She told me that when she found out she came home crying and said “My God! I hope it’s a tumor!” This means that the woman who would care for me and eventually grow to love me would have initially faced cancer rather than give birth to another boy. Now that I am grown she has changed her opinion and says she would have had more if she knew they would turn out like I did. I think she feels a little guilty. What do you think?

My father Gene was a man of many talents. His employment history, to name a few, included taxi driver, welder, coal miner, member of the armed forces, politician, news paper editor, and probably my favorite job of his country music singer. He played the Grand Ole Opry and rubbed elbows with the likes of Johnny Cash and George Jones. He was always good for a story or a song when he felt like entertaining. My friends in high school would come to visit just to sit and listen to the stories my dad would tell. My goodness were they funny! He made my childhood something to remember and was never shy about offering an opinion whether I asked for it or not. As I got older the conversations became less of a lecture and more like two old friends talking about life experiences and telling jokes. Sadly he passed May of 2001. He left me with many happy memories and some worldly knowledge that only a man who lived life the way he did could have known.

As I mentioned earlier, I was born in Elyria Ohio, but I was raised in Eastern Kentucky from the age of 3. I attended Morehead State University where I obtained a Bachelors degree in University Studies which means I attended college 4 plus years, attended half of my classes, and received a minimum of a C, not a very good degree to earn a living with I might add. I also have an Associates degree in Radiology. I was employed as a X Ray Tech for 5 years in Pikeville Ky before I moved to Knoxville with my then girlfriend, now wife, Miranda in 2000. I continued to work in radiology until 2008 when I decided to go back to school and try my hand at Physician Assistant. I was accepted and graduated from the PA program at South College in 2011. Fortunately, I was hired at Kids Central in January of 2012. I am very pleased to be working here and I am always learning new things from Dr. James, which those of you that already know him realize that the knowledge he gives to me may not necessarily include medical stuff. He has taught me such things as how to make napalm, how to blow up a driver’s ed. Car, and the tools necessary to survive the zombie apocalypse. You know normal stuff. He has managed to throw in some medical knowledge as well.

I must say that of all the jobs I have had throughout my life this is by far the best. I love the staff who have taken me under there wing and treated me like a member of the family. Dr James has become more of a big brother than a supervising physician complete with the occasional punch in the arm, shoulder, or leg just because. He is also good for an insult or two. So that’s pretty much it for me. I love working here and hope to continue the excellent quality of care that he and the staff have provided for many years.